Lady Godiva Beauty Review US (US)

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(1 out of 5 stars based on 7 reviews)

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Lady Godiva Beauty Review Rating by Business For Home

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(1 out of 5 stars based on 7 reviews)
Maddy Jo 2018-01-20 03:42:24

Camille Lisa Milke is a fraud. She scammed me out of my house and she has started several fraudulent businesses.
The CEO Camille Lisa Milke has a very fraudulent past. She’s a very nasty LOW CLASS person.
Word is she is trying to start some kind of food business after the fail of Lady Godiva. She’ll never be a success.
Camille Lisa Milke is very manipulative and very much a snake. She looks cheap and she is black hearted. KARMA!
She is a scammer and a cheat. Look her up on NM Court Case lookup for her lengthy legal problems.

Ava Andrews-Quijano 2017-10-10 10:04:52

Lady Godiva beauty is a fradulent company and the founder/CEO Camille Milke is a fraud. Upon joining the company I ordered make up and it took the re months to get to me .I have one customer place the order and she never got her order .It has been months going on halfway here and from what I’m aware of she has yet to receive her order. I made several enquiries to the CEO to my upline to find out where my make up order was and all I kept being told was that it’s in production it’s on back order .At the time I place my order I was never told that I would have to wait for a back order I was left with the impression that might order was on stock for immediate shipment .It was not until I went to the Better Business Bureau that my product was mailed out I was then promptly blocked from all the groups and asked by the CEO via email to step down. The CEO gave out my personal information; shared with people I have never met and had them harassing me about my complaint

Senovia Negron-Oglesby 2017-09-11 02:02:01

I was one of the first beauties in this company. Camille milke decided that I was not pushing my team enough. So she tried to remove one of my top beauties and move them to corporate to benefit her. The whole policy was changed. She still owes me $250 in commission money that was rightfully eared prior to me resigning. Her shipping times are ridiculous and products are way over priced. We have screen shots of her talking badly about other beauties in the company. She is a disgrace to the DS world. Her doors need to be shut down. P.s her background is not pretty either.

Millie Griffin 2017-09-07 20:27:45

The products are not as advertised and I am still waiting on the make up trunk I ordered back in May 2017 when I joined this company. I noticed that one of the products I had ordered and waited over a month for had the Lady Godiva Label placed on top of another company logo, I could have got the same product for way less than what I paid. I resigned as a beauty in July because I could not promote a product that I would not use myself. I was blocked by the CEO as soon as I asked to step down to a customer. Beware of this company, False advertisement, cheap products at high costs and shipping takes at least 3 weeks or more. I have asked that my credit card information to be removed from LadyGodivaBeauty website and it is still there as of yesterday and was told by a support ticket that the company did not have access to this information and the software company did and she would inform them to remove my info weeks ago. Beware Everyone!

Athena Casey 2017-09-05 17:18:11

Products aren’t Luxury but to have a ceo lie and belittle her beauties is uncalled for. And to owe products and $ to a lot of them is unprofessional, this company started last June 2016 and has less than 200 beauties due only to the CEO. For a Business to be Legit the ceo has to have morals, honesty and integrity which she isn’t showing sad quit honestly . I was a beauty I left, returned and was told to spam my Facebook page with Victoria secret models and play it off as lgb models, I refused and was took from elite status asap. She is Fake until you make it for real. Her favorite motto. Plus the headquarters she claims is ups mailbox and the older address used is a vacant lot. Why because there is no headquarters it’s all a scam. She also had criminal charges yet they say it’s her past, however pull up her recent record you will see different. Had this woman been honest and showed integrity she may have been able to make a company work. Without honesty in the beginning Forget about it. She just keeps getting a longer court record, not business material.