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Est. per year: $114.71 million

Est. per month: $9.56 million

Est. per week: $2.21 million

Est. per day: $314,268

Est. per hour: $13,095

Est. per minute: $218.24

Est. per second: $3.64

Est. since viewing this page: N/A

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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 9 reviews)
Aakash Girwal2021-01-26 08:58:52

Ix bahut badiya Absa hei or ix global ak bhot badya marketing aur ham Kafi Kuchh sikhane ka mila hai Aur Main Kabhi bahut badhiya se khana mila hai aur Aane Wale generation Mein Aur Bhi badhiya rahega aur aur ix global mein bahut badhiya running ki Jaati Hai aur bahut badhiya income Kama sakte hain ham aur ix Global Mein Koi bahut badhiya Laga aur aapko bhi bahut badhiya lagega maine bhi try kiya aap bhi try kijiye meko bhi ix global Mein Kafi Kuchh sikhane Ka Mela Hai me main bhi bahut Bade income Kama raha hun aap bhi kam aaoge

Susan Peterson2020-08-24 17:45:23

I’ve been taking the Protandim family of products for seven years, and don’t plan to ever stop. I haven’t been sick in years, despite being a school teacher – most teachers get sick at the beginning of the year when kids bring illnesses back with them. I never get the flu even though I don’t get the vaccine. I’ve got lots of energy, am active with my grandchildren and the rest of the family. When you have your health, life is great!! I trust the quality of Protandim, as well as the peer reviewed science behind it. Major universities and research institutions have validated its efficacy. I can vouch for its benefits personally – I love it!

Lee Ryan2020-08-04 15:47:32

I became a biohacker 10 months ago to take back control of my health and my life. I had to have proof that the products work but that proof had to come from an independent body/bodies with scientific evidence which was not funded by the company.

It was through this research and due diligence that I found the answers I needed to take action and activate my body and genes to repair themselves.

A 27 pill a day mumma to only taking one pill and my activator. Best decision I have ever made in terms of my well being.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to create a career from this product.

Renee Parker 2019-12-23 21:24:35


A biotech company formulated the flagship product which proved in clinical research (now found on the National Institute of Health's website) to reduce oxidative stress by 40% in 100% of users in an astounding 30 days. Today this product has seven patents.

ABC News backed up the results on its investigative show PrimeTime (2005) and the company saw $5 million in instant sales. However, with no marketing or distribution prowess on the part of the researchers, the product later simply sat on retail shelves.

In the background though, major research groups were astounded by the product and continued independent research. This research is also housed at the National Institute of Health.

In 2008, An attorney who had seen the ABC report suggested the formulators meet with a small group of professional network marketers. Conversations turned to handshakes and both sides agreed that a new company should be formed and publicly traded (LFVN) on the NASDAQ for complete transparency.

In 2009, excellence met opportunity and LifeVantage was born. I was introduced to the product line in 2013 for health reasons and later learned the compensation plan. Today I stand in the top 1% of LifeVantage income earners.

Pat Otto 2019-01-31 17:52:01

I love LifeVantage. The products are fantastic and sell themselves, the company offers the best training, the compensation plan is one of the best I have seen and everyone is really professional and very helpful. The best decision I ever made was joining up.
LifeVantage grabbed my attention and the medical community because of their flagship product Protandim Nrf2. A game changer, a paragigm shift in health and wellness inside the human body–actually measurably reducing cellular aging processes & resetting malfunctioning genes on the human DNA to proper functioning. Literally improving health and wellness at the very building blocks of human life. Wow! Top scientists are calling Protandim Nrf2 the most important medical breakthrough for the 21st century–24 published, (peer reviewed, doubleblind, placebo controlled) independent clinical studies to date and many more underway. LifeVantage’s skincare line,

TrueScience has been clinically proven and selected for presentation at the prestigious medical conference-World Congress of Cosmetology Chemists, to be the very best at building human collagen.

Add to that a highly rewarding compensation plan with published distributor results.
Rewarding with huge growth potential. All inquiries answered

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