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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 71 reviews)

Est. per year: $1.75 million

Est. per month: $145,833

Est. per week: $33,654

Est. per day: $4,794.52

Est. per hour: $199.77

Est. per minute: $3.33

Est. per second: $0.06

Est. since viewing this page: N/A

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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 71 reviews)
Vikki Thompson2021-07-26 22:04:53

Ripped off and mis-sold a fake dream. Claims of 5 & 6 figure earnings is a false claim. None of these girls are making this kind of money, You will never make this amount doing this! Only people making money are the ones recruiting you which is called Your upline! They will manipulate and sell you false promises and get you to spend money just for them to benefit from it. They have no interest in your financial well-being only their own profits! Avoid like the plague. Plus giving out health advice about products when you aren’t qualified to do so didn’t feel right to me. Lost my original investment and a bit more trying to keep my “leader” happy with my performance. She pressured me from the start to get more recruits and sales and when I gave it up I got really nasty messages from her. Stay away if you like having friends.

Leanne Dewbury2021-05-04 11:43:51

Sucked in by false income claims online and fake upline reps! As soon as you buy in at the start you then are pressured to recruit, recruit and then recruit some more! Not for your benefit but to the benefit of the upline supervisors who basically make money out of you. I thought I was getting into starting my own business after reading and listening to the hype online, it got me super excited and motivated but once again this is just another MLM scam making false income claims and putting on a front to get money from innocent people. Don't believe anyone online claiming they are making 4-6 figures a month its total B*%L$%^T, they are lying and I have yet to see a legitimate income statement from any "leaders". My upline was really nice at the start but when I wanted out I was abused by her and others and sent nasty messages on social media. I lost some money because I felt pressured to meet targets so was having to pay out of my own pocket to hit unrealistic targets or I would lose my "bonus". AVOID TS Life and their fake reps!

Sarah Roberts2021-03-12 15:53:07

Love this company, great training and support. No false claims made by genuine team leaders. Seen some negative reviews and just want to say sorry to the guys who have had such a bad experience with the company. I'm so glad I work with people that have the same work ethic as me. The more you are willing to but in to the business the more you will earn. I know I can earn way more than I do now if I put more work in. I've been with the company since July 2021 and highest rank I've earned so far is 3K Director, I know I can achieve even higher, 4,5 and 6 figure income goals with this company are realistic

Claire wheatcroft2021-03-05 06:14:16

I love TS-LIFE. Love all the products. Love everyone I work with. The support I get is out off this world. No matter the time their is always someone their to help. My confidence has grown so much since I've been with this company. I love how I can work around my family life. Hitting all my goals, like doing the house up and taking my children out more. Next goal is to get a car. I also have lost load off weight since using the products myself. My hair and nails are in better condition. Even my skin is now looking younger and smoother. The products are worth every penny.

Natalie Clark2021-02-24 13:09:32

Worst thing i ever did was buy into this scam of compnay, lost many friends and a husband because i totally lost sight of why i was doing this. You wont make money you will only chase it. I made myself ill trying to create an image on social media to make people think i was earning ££££s when i was losing money hand over fist trying to make the deadlines and numbers.
The products are just the same as anything you can buy for half the price. A friend got me into this and she has become a horrible self absorbed person, much the way i was heading. TS life reps basically are trained to lie to you to get your money and then keep you coming back by giving poor advice and promoting fake earnings, AVOID IF YOU LIKE HAVING FRIENDS!!

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