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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 25 reviews)

Per year: $30.80 million

Per month: $2.57 million

Per week: $592,308

Per day: $84,384

Per hour: $3,515.98

Per minute: $58.60

per second: $0.98

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MLM Leader Greg Sarlo Joins Valentus

MLM Leader Greg Sarlo Joins Valentus

Prior to Network Marketing Greg Sarlo begin his work life at a large tech company that seemed to have the makings of a secure 40 year career then the economy took a turn for the worse ...
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Greg and Pattie Zoschak Achieves Double Diamond Rank At Valentus

Greg and Pattie Zoschak Achieves Double Diamond Rank At Valentus

What does ministry and network marketing have in common?  People. To experience success in either you must be genuine and know how to build relationships. That is what attracted Greg and Pattie Zoschak to Founders and ...
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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 25 reviews)
Cathy Gregory2020-08-27 03:17:25

I am one of the founding members with Valentus and I have planted my flag! #iamallin
I am here to help our CEO’s make this industry great again. Love our Valentus Family!
If you are looking for a solid company that has a mission to help people PREVAIL in all areas of their lives, look no further!
I am a product of our products and stand as an example to others. My family motto is: BE THE EXAMPLE, NOT THE EXCUSE! We are passionate about the products and how many people we are impacting. We have mentors that have seen success in this industry, and we decided right for the beginning of our journey with Valentus, that we were going to follow others who have seen success in the industry. We have found our home with Valentus. Thank you Dave and Joyce Jordan for giving us this amazing company and all that it stands for.

Loreena Kitching2020-08-25 03:14:28

The products do what they are intended to do. There is a product for everyone, young and old. They are highly consumable, which is definitely a pro to becoming a rep. Customer and rep orders create the same amount of volume.
The opportunity pays more people, more money the most often. Low investment possibly high potential if you work! I love this company. Seven ways of being paid and you can even get 1% global bonus and a car bonus! If you give us one chance we won’t need two! Commit to taking and sharing the products and see what happens.

Floryda Calloway2020-08-24 16:59:57

I'm so honored to be an Independent Representative with Valentus! Great leadership, phenomenal products that are effective with amazing results. My journey began when a former co-worker asked me to try a six day coffee experience. She explained the health benefits as I was extremely unhealthy due to the passing of my son. My results were unbelievable! I join the Valentus family in October 2018. I'm extremely impressed with all of the products. Having a homebase business with a powerful compensation plan. Most of all having the freedom to work globally and the ability to change lives is what motivated me to join. After two years with this amazing opportunity is by far the best decision I've ever made!! Great journey ahead for my future with Valentus!!

Kainat Iqbal2020-08-24 09:27:20

Amazing company my second MLM company and its really helping me health wise plus no one can beat their compensation plan. Helpful upline very very supportive team members, interacting with different people from all walks of life and it has been a wonderful experience. Trainings are extensive which helps a newbie in the business to excel, the availability of your upline through your journey is incredible as they motivate you constantly. In my first MLM company I was told your upline has nothing to do with your success in a way I agree you have to put in your own work to be able to achieve higher. However it is very important how your upline plays a role in the process. It has for sure helped me and it will for sure help anyone who joins this company. We are growing by the minute and I am thrilled to be part of this venture.

Melanie Moll-Schnell2020-08-05 00:38:03

Are you tired of the drama in your company like I was??? Do you feel your upline abandoned you? Do you long for a 'family' workforce environment? Come over to Valentus! I kid you not, this company is more like a family, than your own family! Papa Dave is changing the face of this industry. His core values spill over into this business and saturate us all. Each and every one of us feel we are 'at home'! The door is open, you may come on home too! Any one of us would be happy to take you under our wing and help you build your team. We all help each other, as it should be. Look forward to meeting you!

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