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Est. Revenue 2017$50.00
Est. Revenue 2018$80.00
Est. Revenue 2019$80.00
Est. Revenue 2020$84.00
Est. Revenue 2021$84.00
Est. Revenue 2022$84.00
Est. per year$29.40 million
Est. per month$2.45 million
Est. per week$565,385
Est. per day$80,548
Est. per hour$3,356.16
Est. per minute$55.94
Est. per second$0.93
Est. since viewing this page$0.93

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★★★★ (4 out of 5 stars based on 8 reviews)
Tim Held 2021-06-04 08:24:51

For 30 years I took a high quality ingrediant product from the same company, and then I was educated why I was producing expensive waste. So thankful for Liposomes and Vasayo’s Advanced Delivery System. Top 50 Healthcare Company in the world for a reason. To have best in Class nutrition, and a company dedicated to cutting edge nutrition makes it an easy share. Not to mention the most important goal of changing a million lives.
For me it comes down to the Leadership and experience that Dallin Larson and Team Vasayo bring to the table. If past history is an indicator of future results there is alot to be excited about and many lives to change with the Vision to change a million lives.

Monique Plante 2021-04-27 00:31:37

I originally started up with this company because of the results I had with the products, 2 in particular, the Renew and the Core Complete. I love the community and the culture of this company and it has by far the most aggressive compensation plan I have seen. I have never had any problems with team members needing to cancel their autoship due to changes in their lives, nor have I had issues not solved by corporate office staff. This is a business that anyone can have success in if they are willing to learn from those that lead with a serving heart and by example of what this business can do. Not all leaders are created equal, but this company is a 5 star company with Dallin Larson at the helm. We have partnered with some outstanding scientists and other companies to deliver the very best…probably why the company has earned the award for being in the top 50 Healthcare companies of the World. I consider this my home and final legacy business as I do have amazing caring leaders of the company's largest team. If you want to know more…come find me on Facebook 🙂

Crystal Blackmon 2020-11-17 03:53:27

Terrible experience with Ricky Untermeyer. I do not recommend this company if you are looking to make more income. Once I decided Vasayo was not for me…Ricky told me he would get the autodrafts stopped from my account. He said he would make sure of it. He never did and began ignoring my texts. Once finally speaking with him he was terribly rude and told me to contact Vasayo that he's no quitter and he normally doesn't help quitters. All this after giving his word he would help the drafts stop. They will appear to be the sweetest Godly people until you are no benefit to them and then they turn on you. Completely arrogant egotistical people. It is a pyramid scheme and the jokes on you…this company is thriving off of people like you who are residual income for them through your monthly payment they refuse to stop withdrawing from your account eventhough they said they would take care of it and you didn't have to worry about anything. Also, when you reads complaints online they will play like it is a competitor trying to make them look bad. I am not a competitor.

Brittany Wilgenbusch 2020-01-16 20:27:40

Coming from a health background, I was looking for the highest quality ingredients and highest absorption/assimilation. After months of research into all mlm’s, there is no competition to Vasayo’s products. They are doing something that no other company has done before with a scientist that has a reputation far superior to any other in the industry. Their advanced delivery technology that has been used by the pharmaceutical world since the 1960’s is what makes all the difference in the health and wellness world. There is a lot of evidence showing that liposomal nutraceuticals are the future and new standard. I won’t ever invest in other products besides this company, for I know I can trust what’s inside is the best possible option for optimum health.

YaoHua Wang 2018-05-17 21:10:33

Effective products make all the difference. The red bottle energy works best on me. My mind felt clear and energetic all the day after using Vasayo energy. Coffee or tea actually could merely serve a few hours. I am glad that I had chance to try vasayo even their products are a bit pricy. But good things are never cheap. I will keep using vasayo products, introducing them to as many people as possible. Because it works well. The mission of the company is also clear that they are going to help others reach their protentials. I do have confidence on Vasayo business.

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