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The Facebook Talking About ranks updates daily.

This is one of the key metrics of the Momentum ranks

What is People Talking About This?

Here’s how Facebook defines it: This is the number of people who have created a story from your Page post Stories include:

  • When someone Likes your page
  • Sharing, liking or commenting on your post
  • Answering a question
  • Responding to an event
  • Mentions your page
  • Tags your page in a photo
  • Checks into or Recommends your page
  • Claiming an offer

So in a nutshell, whenever someone does one of the actions above — and it results in a news feed story being generated — then your page’s People Talking About This number goes up by one.

How we count:

Nr. 1 gets 2,000 points, nr. 2 gets 1,999 points and so on.

Direct Selling Companies Facebook Talking About Ranks

Nr. Company FB Talking
About Total
FB Talking
About Score