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Since Mar, 2023

Business For Home defines a leader and a professional networker in Direct Sales as follows:

"A leader and professional networker is the one who has the ability to guide and at the same time is able to motivate team members, inspire respect and confidence and explain the power of the compensation plan".

But they should also have:

  • Effective communication: They must transmit the needed information suitably. It’s fundamental for leading.
  • Vision: A leader needs to have a vision, which means not only thinking in a short term, but trying to see a bigger picture.
  • Balance: Give importance to team members’ opinions.
  • Art of Feedback: In order to produce good feedback it’s important to keep it impartial and objective. Criticism must bring solutions and improvement.
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Theo Göbel 2023-04-12 19:27:56

Thanks Barbara for introducing me to Streakk.
I am grateful to be a part of it. Really a good company
I have been with Streakk for about 7 months now. From the beginning everything that was announced was implemented.
For me the best choice,
With your guidance and support I felt comfortable right away. I know you and your teamwork from other companies. That's why I like to work with you here at Streakk.
I look forward to a successful future together

My rewards, (2% every week for 100 weeks, about 8.66% a month) I receive daily….
Wow, to get this too, buy a node in the amount of 100$-200,000$.

I highly recommend it to everyone.
Be a part of something big in the future you too.

Thank you Barbara 🤝

So, let's do Streakk ⚡ together.

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Theo Göbel 2023-04-12 19:26:37

Danke Barbara, dass du mir Streakk vorgestellt hast.

Ich bin dankbar dabei zu sein. Wirklich ein gutes Unternehmen
Ich bin jetzt seit ca. 7 Monaten in Streakk dabei. Von Anfang an wurde alles was angekündigt wurde umgesetzt.
Für mich die beste Wahl,
Mit deiner Anleitung und Unterstützung habe ich mich gleich wohl gefühlt. Ich kenne dich und deine Teamarbeit von anderen Unternehmen. Darum arbeite ich gerne und vertrauensvoll mit dir auch hier bei Streakk.
Freue mich auf eine gemeinsame erfolgreiche Zukunft

Meine Belohnungen, (2 % jede Woche für 100 Wochen, ca. 8,66% im Monat) erhalte ich täglich..
Wow, um das auch zu erhalten, kaufe eine Node in Höhe von 100$-200.000$

Ich kann es jedem nur empfehlen.
Sei auch du ein Teil von etwas Großem in der Zukunft.

Danke Barbara 🤝

Also, lasst uns zusammen Streakk ⚡ machen.

Diana Ziege 2023-03-31 20:07:39

My experience with Streakk and the team. I have been in the digital world for many years. Sometimes alone, sometimes in a company as a member. I have had good and bad experiences. My acquaintance introduced me to Streakk. I was very skeptical. There were too many crashes in the last years. In a Zoom meeting I was informed by BBT team competently and friendly. My questions were answered comprehensively. For me it was clear, here I am right. Everything fits. For beginners, there is a good system to start easily. Of course there is a risk, but there is nowhere 100%. My recommendation BBT Team.

Diana Ziege 2023-03-31 20:03:22

Meine Erfahrung mit Streakk und dem Team. Ich bin schon viele Jahre in der digitalen Welt. Mal alleine, mal in einem Unternehmen als member. Ich habe gute und schlechte Erfahrungen erlebt.  Meine Bekannte stellte mir Streakk vor. Ich war sehr skeptisch. In den letzten Jahren gab es zu viele Crashs. In einem Zoom-Meeting wurde ich von BBT Team kompetent und freundlich informiert. Meine Fragen umfassend beantwortet. Für mich war es klar, hier bin ich richtig. Alles passt. Für Einsteiger bzw Anfänger, gibt es ein gutes System um einfach zu starten. Klar gibt es ein Risiko, doch 100% gibt es nirgends. Meine Empfehlung BBT Team.

Tina Bakota 2023-03-30 16:49:28

The sales team explained everything to me in a great and friendly way, so that you can understand it right away! The team is highly recommended for newcomers!!!
THANK YOU for all the explanations.
Thanks also for the offer on the Zoom call to do anything with me if I can't get it right.
such help is worth a lot!
Thank you for passing on your knowledge so perfectly! So I know that my partner is perfectly supported!
Thank you very much – you are great and great to recommend!!!
BBT team is great if you need help!
You can tell you also live behind this company and have it in your heart and soul

Birgit Klaus 2023-03-30 15:21:57

I‘ve been with Streakk sincs August 2022 and I‘m thrilled.I was super and really well informed since then I‘ve been there with body and soul.My Sponsor is always there for me with help and advice. My passive income is growing and thriving. Really suitable and realizable for beginners.I am very happy to be part of this group. I know that we can expect great things together with my sponsor. I can only highly recommend this sales contact.Streakk has a great future because of these wobderful people tirelrdsly share their knowledge and erlcome and support everyone as a part of the family.

Brigitte Georgie 2023-03-30 15:14:13

My personal experience with the BBT team: I am an older student and new to the team. I was warmly welcomed. The team took me by the hand. Everything was explained to me in detail. I am glad to be in this team. Everyone is patient. This world is new territory for me. None of my questions were too much. If I am unsure, they practice with me until I am independent. Zoom Calls is something I've learned as well. Team members help each other. Everyone helps everyone. The live webinars are very easy to understand for beginners. With each successive webinar I understand this world better. If you also want to start, then here with the BBT team. Thank you BBT team for everything. Looking forward to the future with you and Streakk.

Klaus Bender 2023-03-30 14:21:01

Now I'll share my experience that I've had positively with this sales team. So… From the first minute I was provided with good information. Professional support and also super friendly. Factual, competent and also suitable with understanding for newcomers like me. So for people for whom the whole topic is absolutely new and who maybe don't understand one or the other immediately. That wasn't an issue at all. I was dealt with with time and patience and everything was explained until even I understood it. I can only warmly recommend this sales contact. As a customer, you cannot imagine better support and advice. Thanks again to BBT.

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