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Business For Home defines a leader and a professional networker in Direct Sales as follows:

"A leader and professional networker is the one who has the ability to guide and at the same time is able to motivate team members, inspire respect and confidence and explain the power of the compensation plan".

But they should also have:

  • Effective communication: They must transmit the needed information suitably. It’s fundamental for leading.
  • Vision: A leader needs to have a vision, which means not only thinking in a short term, but trying to see a bigger picture.
  • Balance: Give importance to team members’ opinions.
  • Art of Feedback: In order to produce good feedback it’s important to keep it impartial and objective. Criticism must bring solutions and improvement.
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Sajeev M R2021-05-01 13:14:53

Mr George Eepen and a powerful trainer with the passion of mlm industry ,Powerful words coming from the heart he is a valuable gift for ICT.He really work hard to become an Ambassador in crowd1.We must learn a lot of lessons from him. Eventhough he is an Institution of Knowlege. I met him through Crowd1 zoom meetings and after that we are good friends now..A Man become perfect through his life also we can see that..He is the sympol of deduction , Hard work,Honesty and ambition..All his dreams comes to reality in Crowd1 soon. All the best wishes my dear friend to become an Ambassador in ICT..

Abdulkadir Yusuf2021-04-08 22:34:05

I'm a crowder from Ilorin, Nigeria. joined Nov. 2020 now on Pro Titanium.
I met Mr George Eapan on BFH momentum, my leader from Nigeria once told me about BFH crowd1 No1 ranking of April 2020. I clicked on his Facebook profile, out of about 20 leaders on BFH platform, only him displayed WhatsApp contact on his facebook.
I was glad to have a leader to welcome me warmly after I introduced myself as a crowder. The fact that he never met me before, he accepted to be my mentor. I want u to mentor me I said, he replied "For sure" without hesitation.
I appreciate connected economy of Crowd1. He supply me with Info's that could help grow my business, I'm glad to meet such great leader with unique virtue.

I contacted many leaders through Facebook, some didn't reply my messages, some replied that I am not in their team, so they can't help without gaining anything.

Mr George treated me as if I'm his downline. Only selfless and compassionate leader could support stranger unconditionally.

I believe Crowd1 is a movement, and major goal is to duplicate more entrepreneur….. The likes of Mr George's leadership quality is not comparable.

Joyce apple Serrani2021-04-08 06:27:41

I am joyce apple serrano and i live in phillipines, In a fast few days one of my friend invited me to join in Crowd1 so i search crowd1 in my fb account until i found sir George Eapen then i will send a message to him sir 'how to be part of crowd1' until he reply my chat then we are chatting then he start to help me I tell to Mr George Eapen sir I dont have enough money he said he insists and pay it for me then i am so thankfull that he pay for it all he want is i need to hardwork and to be serious in this business then I sat yes sir i will then I promise go him that i will repay for it onece that im earning… Until now sir George Eapen continue to teach and guiding me about this. Sir George Eapen is a very kind person and a good mentor Thank you sir for your kindness… May God blessed you…continue on helping

Naseer Butt2021-04-06 00:21:53

Great mentor and amazing team leader, he is helping me with the ropes and teaching me to be good in this business, he is very caring and will always ensure to fullfill his duty to the best for you. Amazing hardworking man! I have recently joined and I am feeling more confident and learning more every single day because of this man, his efforts will go a long way and allow this beginners to become the most successful and continuously growing. If you are looking to join or are interesting your best first step is to speak to George, especially if you are a beginner he will teach you everything you need to know and always values and ensure he will spend time with you, A great leader he is

Janif Hamza2021-03-12 09:05:11

George Eapen is one of the best trainer for entrepreneurs in the industry, whether it is online or offline, You will definitely see wonders after consulting him.

A great mentor & motivator, influencer for those who want to thrive and accomplish ambitious goals in life. His experience in Sales & Marketing, Administration, Human Resource management, facing challenges, handling work pressure will help you to grow to the standards where you and your potential exposure is going to hit the mark.

If, the energy level of a man can literally move you from where you are to where you want to be, i recommend Mr. George to your contact. He is your Man.

Thanks for the great support you have extended to me and our team Mr. George. Wish we soon meet up and discuss many more and thus i would be able to enhance my knowldge and tactics to explore myself.

I wish you all the great achievements in life and i wish you may expand your business circle and friend circle around the world. God Bless You

VENU GOPAL SEEMAKURTHI2021-03-07 17:21:28

i was in touch with George every single day thru online presense and whatsapp chats for clarifications or struck at any point – who readily helps and teaches like any before in my life that build confidense in me. People like George can build and bring the loyalty to company or develop culture in this business as pioneer. Its required as the business is growing good culture need to cultivate among.
More than 100 words i can write but i just want to close here.

I am happy to write more positive things about george… but in short HE IS THE BEST I EVER MET.

Jasmin Ali2021-02-26 07:00:47

Mr. George Eapan is a great Mentor for my me and My team. He helps us achieve our goals, and he is so focused and guides you side by side for success. He is so committed and dedicated person what he do, he has an excellent knowledge and great vision. I am very inspired by him and his work. He will never turn you back without any answers to your question and solution for your work .
Thank you George and I am blessed and being a part of this opportunity and I am very thankful for wonderful work you do. Keep up the good work .

Jaya Rajan2021-02-25 13:08:17

I have known George for over 20 years.
He is a person full of energy, whatever he starts turns positive. Any task given to him is carried out and solved, when I saw him he was just a school boy. I have had a lot of experience with George. So much help and problems he has solved. I cannot put everything here but one I cannot forget and keep saying is a small problem to be solved during a wedding, his friends sister my niece.
No one of us could leave the house for some material which everyone forget everyone was panicking, where George came with a motorbike took me to the market we bought the things and came back without anybody missing us.
That is George for you dedicated and always ready to Rock.
Lots more to say about him.
Yes a very dedicated person

Amit Noorani2021-02-25 12:07:39

Mr George You are amazing and a great mentor for me and for my team. Your energy is great it makes me feel positive everytime. You have great leadership quality. Thanx for giving me this opportunity. I am thankful to work with you learning from you.
I think for great Leadership. This point are very important.

1. Communication :
If you're in a leadership role good communication skills are absolutely important.
2. Listening
3. Integrity
5. Humility
7. Positivity
8 Confidence

The most important quality is to truly understand each team member on a personal level so that they understand the motivations that dictate their work ethic. Mr George you have this quality in you. So keep up the good work.

Naveen Babu Verghese2021-02-24 20:03:04

Eapen George is inspiration personified! His wisdom magically works it's way into the subconscious mind and gives you the well needed kick up, to get you going into a better, more positive life. A winner who breeds armies of winners. I'm humbled to have Eapen in my network. He is very down to earth and uses humor and storytelling as a connector to make those around him feel at ease. I appreciate the time, energy and focus he dedicates to making the world a happier and more productive place. Eapen has insights on everything – from relationships to kickstarting a small company, from coaching superstars to wowing an audience with easy to swallow practical advice, delivered in an inspiring way. I would honestly recommend anyone who can get a chance, just listen to him speak… he's brilliant. Thank you, Eapen!

Shyama Prasad T. Sadanandan2021-02-24 17:29:28

A leader is "someone you chose to follow to a place you would not go by yourself" by Joel Barker.

Mr. George Eapen is an International Sales Professional, who was fortunate enough to be trained by one of the Fortune 100 Companies and has developed successful track records over time. I personally feel he is a Leader of Leader who has the charisma to empower others to change the lives and creates a win-win situation. With a warm smile Mr. George overcomes innumerable communication barriers, crossing all boundaries of culture, race, age, class, gender, education and economic status. The presentations and induction zoom meetings are executed with absolute professionalism and an exceptional training standard. It has been a life changing journey for me, associating with Mr. George for the past five months , which helped me to inculcate his training skills and in depth knowledge with regard to Crowd1 business opportunity. I personally thank him for all the guidance that he has extended to me.

Suressh Kumar KS2021-02-24 16:24:42

Great, you are great mentor to me. You have an excellent knowledge and great vision and l am really happy to working with you. I always adore your energy and it makes lot of positive changes in my thoughts and activities. Your dedication is and commitment are so appreciated, also have a great heart to support everyone, wish you all success. Keep doing your great work. According to me l always getting immediately responses and guidance in proper way. It's also helping me to grow in proper way, You have an amazing leadership quality and abundant enthusiasm, thank you so much for being a part of this great opportunity. Always grateful to you

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