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Business For Home defines a leader and a professional networker in Direct Sales as follows:

"A leader and professional networker is the one who has the ability to guide and at the same time is able to motivate team members, inspire respect and confidence and explain the power of the compensation plan".

But they should also have:

  • Effective communication: They must transmit the needed information suitably. It’s fundamental for leading.
  • Vision: A leader needs to have a vision, which means not only thinking in a short term, but trying to see a bigger picture.
  • Balance: Give importance to team members’ opinions.
  • Art of Feedback: In order to produce good feedback it’s important to keep it impartial and objective. Criticism must bring solutions and improvement.
★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 8 reviews)
Jessica McHale2022-07-04 01:13:52

I met Jessica through our networking experience and we have become such close friends. I have learned so much from her- about clean ingredients in products as well as leadership skills. She is always available whenever i have a question or concerns about anything. I was so fortunate to have been able to spend time with her and her family and I cherish the memories. I am looking forward to spending more time with her in the coming months. We have so much fun working together. So grateful for her never ending support and leadership! Working with her has been amazing!

Kim Dominici2022-07-04 01:05:46

I am so very thankful to have connected with Jessica last year through a mutual friend. Her leadership, knowledge and communication skills have helped me be successful as a business builder and leader. Jessica leads with integrity, honesty, and from the front lines. She always is available to help myself or my team when we need her assistance and support. I would not be as successful as I am today if it wasn’t for her help and guidance. Jessica goes above and beyond for her team and I am forever grateful for that. Can’t wait to continue on this amazing journey with her!

Tiffany Alvarez2022-07-03 23:05:40

Jessica has been so very helpful in answering any of my questions. She’s given her professional advice with any concerns I have regarding health issues. She is always there to help and always gets back to my very quickly when I have a question. Thank you for being and an amazing person and an even better leader!! You show the world thst it is possible to do anything that you want in this world! Anyone would be lucky to partner with Jessica. She is truly a powerhouse in the network marketing industry! I'm grateful for her friendship and love watching her commitment to success!

Kim Smith2022-07-03 22:51:07

Jessica is devoted to helping people find the right products to fit their needs time and time again! She always listens and she actually cares about her clients/customers. It is what really sets her apart from everyone else in the industry. She doesn't spam people with sales ads and she actually gets to know people and puts people first. I see what an amazing leader she is and I love the way she builds up her team and gives them the confidence they need to believe in themselves and succeed. She never gives up on anyone I wouldn't buy products from anyone else! Thanks Jessica for always being there for me!!

Vicki McGrath2022-07-03 21:56:30

I have know Jessica for about 20 years. She is a hard worker. You can always count on her to be a cheerleader for her entire team. Her willingness to be there for others is what sets her apart from the rest. Jessica is very driven and dedicated. She always finds time to boost others up, even when she is busy with her own stuff. I look forward to helping cheer her on as well! She is taking this to the top and will take you along with her. Do not miss out on this amazing opportunity to join a winning team!

Leslie Dengler2022-07-03 21:55:23

I am so thankful that I took a leap of faith and joined my sister-in-law on this incredible journey. She is an incredible person and such a hard worker! When she told me she was thinking of leaving her previous project, I knew this had to be something huge as she was so successful there and a top leader! I have been in sales for many years and have never seen anything grow so rapidly. The products are delicIous plus they do what they say they are going to do! I’ve seen such amazing results with the liquid collagen. So beyond excited to help her take this company to the top!

Krystal Volpe2022-07-03 21:43:22

Jessica is a wonderful leader! She consistently attends to everyone’s needs and is committed to helping everyone be successful. I worked with her in a previous project and when she told me she was starting with a company, I had to take a look. Once I saw the amazing products backed by an unbelievable compensation plan, I knew this would be exactly what I needed to take this to the top level and I knew I could trust Jessica to help me on the journey. I have never seen anything move so quickly. The products are fantastic and it’s been so amazing. I definitely made the right decision, this is home!

Paige Champagne2022-07-03 21:26:23

Jessica is an amazing leader at QSCIENCES. Always present and knowledgeable, she leads her team with precision and integrity.
Navigating large teams in network marketing is challenging yet she makes it look so easy. As a seasoned veteran on this space, she has truly learned how to do this right which is never easy. Teaching her team consistently, she runs an amazing group of intelligent, promising ambassadors. She’s a true asset to this company and joining her is the very best gift you could possibly give to yourself. I’m so honored to work alongside her daily. I cannot wait to build an empire here with her as one of my top leaders.

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