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Business For Home defines a leader and a professional networker in Direct Sales as follows:

"A leader and professional networker is the one who has the ability to guide and at the same time is able to motivate team members, inspire respect and confidence and explain the power of the compensation plan".

But they should also have:

  • Effective communication: They must transmit the needed information suitably. It’s fundamental for leading.
  • Vision: A leader needs to have a vision, which means not only thinking in a short term, but trying to see a bigger picture.
  • Balance: Give importance to team members’ opinions.
  • Art of Feedback: In order to produce good feedback it’s important to keep it impartial and objective. Criticism must bring solutions and improvement.
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Maria Peralta2022-07-03 20:04:09

As in Independent Affiliate of Crowd1, I am so proud to have met one of the great people of the company in the person of Pres. Nem Thapa. As a leader, he absolutely define one as he is so generous to duplicate himself to others by being a mentor to us not to mention his full dedication to teach as well as playing a role of a business adviser to all he meet. He definitely share his knowledge and skill in the business. He is an inspiration to us as he is full of optimism, a great influencer and a great role model. Very educated, professional with excellent personality.
Thank you for opening the Global Webinar to the world. With this, all nationalities are given the chance and the opportunity to know, learn and be part of a successful company, CROWD1…I raise my hat to you Pres. Nem Thapa.

Sanjaya Kumar Hasda2022-06-16 13:06:25

Hi i am sanjaya kumar hasda one business owner of crowd1 and manger 3 star of the crowd1. i am happy with crowd1 plan and system because there is no any platform such as crowd1. crowd1 is sustainable business opportunity from this platform millions of people had already transformed their life successfully. and in view crowd1 is not business opportunity, this is life changing opportunity because i changed the life my successfully. i advice to other people to get ready to take participants in crowd1 and take huge benefits from the crowd1…and you nem thapa you are such a great dynamic visionary leaders from nepal it’s proudly to say also, so lets together for next level.

Mary Joy Gargar Delasa2022-06-08 15:26:26

I am a Crowd1 Affiliate and I'm doing the business for almost a year now and I am so proud presenting the business in the global market through President Mr. Nem Thapa. He is such a great leader one of a kind where he is trying reach out people all over the world of different walks of life of different races of different languages to mentor them to share the amazing opportunity to everybody because this business have helped him towards time and financial freedom and by doing this he could also help other people reach their dreams through this unleashing opportunities of Crowd1. Big thank you to this man and I am recommending him as one of the best leader here in Crowd1. Best business opportunity of this time! Congratulations!!!

Merila Mangubat2022-02-12 22:17:38

I am one affiliate of CROWD1,Mr.Nem Thapa is one great leader for hosting globally, he is a good person to everyone,too much learning from him and he talk so gentle, im so proud of you,thank you Mr.President to share your knowledge to all of us,i salute you,its honor to show and learn this business from you Mr.President ???☝☝☝Its privilege to joining the zoom Global and International team… CROWD1 is amazing we unleash opportunities,im so bless to know this business because all what i want is here already this business help fo financial freedom and time freedom…with God,Impossible Is Nothing,,,Glory to God ☆♡!

Kashi Ram Oli2022-02-12 10:28:42

Mr. Nem Thapa is one of the Great Leader Globally as well as an Affiliate member of Crowd1. Even i am also an Affiliate member of Crowd1. He is handling Crowd1Globle Webinar Nepali ( every day) & English (Monday to Friday) as a Host. Also he is a social worker Globally. I am very Proud fill with him. He is sharing his knowledge, Skills & teaching us every day about the BFH & Crowd1 business. Most of the Nepalese people including me & other people all over the world we learn & earn lot of things with him. Thank you so much Mr. Nem Thapa sir you are such a great Leader all over the world for the Nepalese people's. I am very happy Personally with you as a part of both Global Webinar ( Nepali & English) & as a Crowd1 member. I wish u all the best & always Keep rooking. Unleashing Opportunity……………………………

Hermida Sumatra Cuadra2022-02-12 04:32:12

I'm one of the affiliate of Crowd1.Thank you for this unleashing opportunity especially to me a full time mom to my kids and I can't go back to my work because no one could take good care of my kids and I'm looking for a online business that can cope up our needs and also I want to help my husband in our financial needs.I'm grateful to have an English business presentation that we can share to our business partners. Thank you Mr President New Thapa to your knowledge and wisdom that you shared to us.It's a great privileged to us because we can learn more in our Crowd1 business that we can used how to build our network.

Analyn Jaropojop Roflo2022-02-12 01:57:22

I'm an Affiliate Member of Crowd1.. Mr Nem Thapa is one of the Great Leader Globally & He Helps a lot of people specially OFW.. In his English Presentation all the members can reach out & learn a lot from him.. Proud Affiliate Business Partner of him.. Being part of this company is such a Great Previlege because all the skills you will learn from the presentors specially Mr.Nem Thapa is you can use wherever you go.. once in a lifetime experience to be part of this reputable company & to have a Great Leader like Mr.Nem Thapa.. Always Proud of him for his Dedication & Perserverance in everything that he do.. All Glory be to God..

Bikram limbu2022-02-11 16:39:20

I am one affilliate of crowd1 .Im so proud to joining this one therefull business of crowd1 and thank u also to Nem Thapa dai because, You are a great leader and experts in the field. You are able to lead an organization on the path to success and manage any unexpected obstacles along the way.
When you make up your mind, nothing stands in your way.
You're a great example to others
You're very inspirational and give the team excellent motivation to achieve our goals.
(Opportunity will never come looking for you you go looking for opportunity and always be ready to take any risk for you to succeed we were all born with equal opportunities but the fool choosen to be poor say no to poverty and pull up your socks and that is by identifying an opportunity and engaging appropriate capital congratulations to all those who trusted me and invested with me once again congratulations best regards..)

Jenny Magluyan2022-02-09 22:07:11

I am one affilliate of crowd1 .Im so proud to joining this one therefull business of crowd1 and thank u also to Mr Nem Thapa because he always be there to sharing and knowledge and wesdom im so proud of u????? sir Mr Nem Thapa u not tired to explain about crowd1 everyday monday to friday thank u very much???????????????im so proud and confident
the best leader or father of team even we are different language and nationality ?????still he keep reaching and teach to all the member ????? and i wish u always safe ance again mr nem thapa thank u ,impossible is nothing?????????????

Renilla Garcia2022-02-09 12:57:11

I am an Affiliate of Crowd1. I am joining the English Global Webinar since September 2021 – the Monday – Friday Zoom Meeting hosted by Sir Nem Thapa and Mam Babylyn Gonzalez. Sir Nem is very hands-on in sharing his knowledge and wisdom – from products and services, compensation plan to the updates – for the benefits of International Members. Either the members are from his structure or not he do the same. He is a good leader, a public servant, a heart filled with compassion to inspire, to encourage, to strengthen members unleash the hidden potential, to awaken the giant within us.

It's a pleasure and a privilege joining the Global team with Sir Nem and Mam Babylyn as International presenter since 20th of January 2022 and will continue to be a help to reach out English speaking members across the globe.

In Crowd1, we unleash opportunities for we believe that Impossible is Nothing. Above all, With God, All Things Are Possible!!!

Paulyn Peralta Datinggaling2022-02-08 22:39:15

I am an affiliate of crowd1, Ma'am BLG intruduce me about the English presentation which Sir President Nem Thapa is the hosting there., his very Patienable, attended person that I saw in English presentation, even we are are different language and nationality, still he keep reaching and teach us as long he can ???. Thank you Mr. President for sharing your knowledge and wisdom for us. Its such an honour to learn about our business crowd1 from you sir. ????????, this Digital business Crowd1 was a amazing that helps me for financial freedom and time freedom that I didn't see to any networking,. Thanks God Impossible is Nothing ???.

Babylyn Lopez Gonzales2022-02-08 20:06:05

I am one affiliate of Crowd1 so Me and Mr Nem Thapa are working together for a Year now and I like to give My commitment being an International Presenter. He is such a great Leader and I am so proud of Him because of His Passion, Pride, Proud and Confidence leading the way to become a successful member in this Company and this is Our last Network because We both know that the Platform is unique that nobody compare to other Industries so for Us it’s the best among the rest and the future is bright in Crowd1. Impossible Is Nothing!

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