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Paul Scott

Auvoria Prime (United States)

Since: December 31, 2020

Business For Home defines a leader and a professional networker in Direct Sales as follows:

"A leader and professional networker is the one who has the ability to guide and at the same time is able to motivate team members, inspire respect and confidence and explain the power of the compensation plan".

But they should also have:

  • Effective communication: They must transmit the needed information suitably. It’s fundamental for leading.
  • Vision: A leader needs to have a vision, which means not only thinking in a short term, but trying to see a bigger picture.
  • Balance: Give importance to team members’ opinions.
  • Art of Feedback: In order to produce good feedback it’s important to keep it impartial and objective. Criticism must bring solutions and improvement.
★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 3 reviews)
Brent Burdick2021-01-04 20:36:40

Paul Scott is a leader in the technical and social workspaces of his company. He is an effective communicator, often using analogies to help others understand. He doesn’t beat around the bush. Brevity is the essence of wit.

Paul has strong vision and goals personally. I could tell you right now what his number one professional objective is, and I’ve never asked him before. He isn’t egocentric in his vision, and often seeks to help others define and achieve their goals.

He treats everyone, regardless of status, with the same respect, and gives objective and unbiased feedback when sharing his thoughts and guiding others.

Franky2021-01-02 23:22:42

Paul is so inspiring, motivating, and encouraging! He always has the spirit to hustle and go beyond. I’ve seen him help many people within our company and hope to become just like Paul one day. He inspires me to be consistent in my business so that I can succeed. Paul always puts 100% in everything from business to relationship. I see him socialize and genuinely cares about others. I consistently see him share his vision and never gives up on it. He always works to get to that vision. That’s another thing that inspires me. His consistency and determination!

Harry2020-12-31 21:50:19

Where do I start. Paul is an eccentric, kind, loving human being who is a fantastic leader. I have been getting mentored by Paul for around 3 4 months now, and I’ve loved every minute of it. He has great communication with me and always replies promptly as well as is more than happy to help me at any time. Moreover he has helped me scale my business by sharing his knowledge and spending his time with me in various calls, webinars and 1-1 training sessions. I would recommend Paul not just to help you build a business within AP, but as a friend as well because I can truly say he cares about helping people and has helped me massively.

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