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Since Jun, 2019

Business For Home defines a leader and a professional networker in Direct Sales as follows:

"A leader and professional networker is the one who has the ability to guide and at the same time is able to motivate team members, inspire respect and confidence and explain the power of the compensation plan".

But they should also have:

  • Effective communication: They must transmit the needed information suitably. It’s fundamental for leading.
  • Vision: A leader needs to have a vision, which means not only thinking in a short term, but trying to see a bigger picture.
  • Balance: Give importance to team members’ opinions.
  • Art of Feedback: In order to produce good feedback it’s important to keep it impartial and objective. Criticism must bring solutions and improvement.
★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 4 reviews)
Rico Somo 2021-08-04 01:48:29

Shaun is a great leader. A perfect fit for a business where helping others improve their lives is the key to suçceed. She possesses all the essential qualities of a great leader (like knowledge of the product, a vision for the Team, a heart to help others and an action plan to achieve the Goals of the Team). That's how she was able to produce other leaders in the Team. She is open to ideas and suggestions, carefully studies them and strategize how to effectively use them. With Shaun as a Leader the only direction to go for the Team is UP. We are blessed to be a part of her Team.

Christine Levine 2021-08-03 23:21:28

Shaun is an amazing professional. She is very generous as she’s been giving away all her ideas and resources to the team. She makes sure that everyone on the team is guided and updated with the latest products and trends. She's the leader that really walks the talk, and is very passionate about what she does. She is motivated and goal-oriented and we are very lucky to be part of her team. Her consistency and enthusiasm have been a great example for everyone to do their best and to continuously improve. I could never ask for a better leader than Shaun.

Tine Marie 2021-08-03 18:19:59

Shaun is a great leader. She always finds ways to motivate her team. She is great at sharing ideas with her members, selflessly sharing the knowledge not only to educate but to change their lives in a different way.
She treats her members as a family, with an open heart, she is always there to attend to her members’ queries. She is passionate about her work and aims to share the knowledge that she had not only with her members but with those that really need her help. She is not only a Networker but a leader with a passionate heart that continuously formulates systems and techniques that will help her members on the road to their own success.

Sally Sellers 2021-08-02 22:14:56

Shaun is an incredible leader who educates her team and shows them the way. She leads with moral authority modeling for her Distributors what to do and how to do it. She has a simple to follow system that she plugs her people into and makes sure they have all the tools they need to succeed.

Shaun personifies a leader who leads with heart as well as action. I love that people who have never done Network marketing are successful right out of the gate because they are given the tools and techniques as well as the number one rule to keep it all about the other person and how we can help them.

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