Review by Александр Перов on B-Epic


My name is Alexander Perov (, I am 52 years old and I am from Russia, Cheboksary. My rank is at B-Epic – Diamond ("Brilliant"), and I know better than many whether there is money here or not. In the subject – more than 2 years.

The company has achieved significant results in ousting competitors from a healthy lifespan. For 24 months with only two (!!!) products – # Elev8 and # Acceler8 – we have become clear leaders in the industry.

Demanded wrapped products.
Bold marketing plan.
#LifeStyleBonus is the most generous bonus.
Uninterrupted weekly payments.
Payments to the network – up to 80%.
Delivery to 190+ countries and territories of the world.

At the end of February 2019, the Company will introduce to the world a new product for children # GR8KIDS, which will increase the income of partners tenfold.

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