Review by Akash Kumar on iX Global

Life changing opportunity for me. I never think this opportunity work for me. Eight months ago I start this business in covid situation from home. This platform give you self development and financial development. This system teach me formal education give us life & self education give us flife style. Special I learn from system what is financial development through big financial market . How we can manage our money , how to multiply money & how to make money. So learn lots of network marketing skills. How to approach. What is closing .I never this at the age of 27 I m making 7 Figure income just in 9 month.Now I am happy with income & growth. I have 12 year of experience in network marketing. Never seen this type of growth , support, skills, special knowledge. Helping many people around the india & world to make money online without selling or recruiting. Thanks to my mentor Viraj Patil & Ramesh Choudhary . Special thanks to Joe Martinez sir & ix global management team. For changing my life.

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