Review by Alena Kor on OneCoin – OneLife

OneCoin – is a unique opportunity that allows us to be a part of the financial system in the simpliest level and is aimed to a common man. Onecoin is not just an opportunity to use coins around the world, but creation of investment thinking that will give good results 8.10.2018 when the coin becomes public and people will not cash them but use it around the world, thereby increasing its value.It makes no sense to cash coins thereby reducing its value and losing percent for cash.OneCoin is a coin to use and this is its main strength, so let’s support it USING IT AROUND the WORLD. Using the coin, rather than selling it, we will create stability of it and increase its value.The stability of the coin will attract different States
that will buy it in the form of foreign exchange reserves, as when the real gold. Who will be able to see this opportunity and understand it, those every year will understand what they own and part of what they are.To this the consciousness of many people still not ready. We all have good luck, but even you have to earn it!

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