Review by Angy Linder on NAVAN Global

At a time I was ready to walk away from the industry forever because of corporate greed revealed in comp plan or product ingredient changes. Something drew me here and Navan has changed my life. This company is founded on Christian principles. That means we treat people the way we would want to be treated. We empower, inspire, uplift and motivate each other daily and we have 6 training opportunities per week! There is no reason you can't succeed here! The products have helped rid my body of heavy metals and toxins that lead to inflammation. Not just me, but my entire family including my grandchildren! The .0000% THC CBD product line has helped to reduce anxiety, migraines, restless leg syndrome, and to finally sleep after 11 years of inconsistent sleeping. The compensation plan is absolutely incomparable. I've worked for other companies and despite building multiple teams, I have never made much money at all until Navan. To be paid 4 simple and direct ways, is nothing I've ever seen before- no guesswork! Trey Knight, our CEO, has made my dream a reality, and I'll never leave this company. Navan stands apart for many reasons- these are just a few!

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