Review by Athena Casey on Lady Godiva Beauty

Products aren’t Luxury but to have a ceo lie and belittle her beauties is uncalled for. And to owe products and $ to a lot of them is unprofessional, this company started last June 2016 and has less than 200 beauties due only to the CEO. For a Business to be Legit the ceo has to have morals, honesty and integrity which she isn’t showing sad quit honestly . I was a beauty I left, returned and was told to spam my Facebook page with Victoria secret models and play it off as lgb models, I refused and was took from elite status asap. She is Fake until you make it for real. Her favorite motto. Plus the headquarters she claims is ups mailbox and the older address used is a vacant lot. Why because there is no headquarters it’s all a scam. She also had criminal charges yet they say it’s her past, however pull up her recent record you will see different. Had this woman been honest and showed integrity she may have been able to make a company work. Without honesty in the beginning Forget about it. She just keeps getting a longer court record, not business material.

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