Review by Carlos Palma on Talk Fusion

Hello! I just want to share my thoughts because if you just like me, you more than likely happened to come across this company call Talk Fusion (Just like I did a few years ago) and you’re curious if it can work for you. So, hope you read my message. First off, I’m not special by any means, I don’t have an MBA and I don’t even consider myself a business expert. I’m just a normal, average but hard-working dude from México who stumbled across with great opportunity and when I saw it, boy. It just clicked! So, a little background about myself so you know who you’re actually listening to. Before Talk Fusion I was kinda trying to find myself. Now I’m 23 but guess I was 18 when I joined. I made a lot of mistakes in my early teens, I was doing the wrong things and hanging out with the wrong people. I was lost. Not sure if you’ve been there but it sucks. It’s a very dark place because you feel hopeless and frustrated. So, when I joined this company I saw possibilities. They say that you can’t think more than the level you’re exposed to. It’s true. So, I got pretty fired up haha So I decided to immerse myself in the business which lead to personal development, reading books, etc. That, alone changed my life. Now I understand why Tony Robbins says that it’s in moments of choice where our destiny is shaped. So, back to the story! That year the company announced the annual international convention in Tampa. My man, I was so excited! That was my first corporate event ever! And it was an out of this world experience. I met our CEO Bob Reina. I’ll never forget he arrived with his brand-new Lamborghini Aventador. Dang, that thing is smoking-hot! I can tell you that Bob is the most down to earth person I’ve met. I bet you agree with me that it’s near to impossible to get a hold of Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk or Mark Cuban but that’s no the case with CEO Bob. The culture here at Talk Fusion is top-notch. Everything makes perfect sense! From products, to marketing to compensation plan. So, after that event my vision got larger! Gosh, sorry if I’m getting emotional here but it is just that this company made such a big impact in my life. I don’t even feel I deserve everything Talk Fusion has done for me. That’s why I will be forever grateful with Bob Reina for giving a dude like me the opportunity to be great. Just to give you an idea, average Mexican household is $100 bucks/month. But not only Latin America. I mean, most people that go out to eat to to restaurants don’t even order what they want to eat…They first look at the price and then at the food. That’s insane to me. But guess what? With Talk Fusion we can change the way people get paid. Please, if you’re reading this, join the movement! We’re just getting started!

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