Review by David Osorio on Magitek International

Freaking SCAM broke half the people in Colombia……..just like MeCoin, Two Bitcoin, One Coin, Gladiacoin and Mr. Cryptocoin, just another Get Rich Quick Scheme disguised as a Digital Marketing MLM Ponzi. Its gaming undercover outlook was just another scam trying to become a bitcoin and cryptocurrency profitable company while paying in us dollars and trying to mangle revshare and gaming as there storefront. Many young people played for hours from different accounts and downloaded dozens of apps from this company into their mobile phones to end up being ripped by this company from Barranquilla. I guess people just never learn from those 15 companies that stole peoples bitcoins and left with a stupid excuse like: we got hacked, the owner got kidnapped or the main engineer died in a car accident and took the codes with him to heaven. They are so full of B.S. !!!!!

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