Review by F.fx on BE

The marketing within the company and the trading education are good, and I can't complain about that. I've been paid regularly without any issues, and even when problems arise, they always solve them quickly and within the timeframe.

So, what's the actual problem? The company has two applications, Shift and Titan, where traders send us their trade ideas or signals. The company hypes up and promotes itself as having an 80% or higher success rate, but they're nowhere close to even 40%, and that's not to mention the negative risk/reward on every trade.

They've given their traders the option of an Early Stop Loss hit, which essentially means that if a trader sets a 30-pip stop loss, they have the right to close the trade at 20 pips in the negative, and this Early Stop Loss doesn't count as a losing trade and isn't included in the statistics. Traders frequently abuse this, and I believe it's a massive deception with success percentages. The company's owners allowed this to increase their turnover and enhance their marketing.

Furthermore, there's another complaint: every trade and trader works with a negative risk/reward ratio. I'll be leaving the company soon

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