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Review by igenus is a scam on Pooya Khorrami

SCUM! He preys on young people giving them false hopes and dreams of becoming 6 figure earners, a rank he can't even hold. Fakes this lifestyle. Many fall for his lies because he's leased a car, which is a tax write-off, pretending to be someone he's not. He encourages young girls to post provocative pictures of themselves on social media in order to grab the attention of people so that they can sell igenius products (mlm/pyramid scheme). He's taking advantage of their vulnerability and pimping them out. It's disgusting. He portrays this imagine of "living the life" posting videos of his car, which entices a young male crowd. The guy has a family, and you'd never know if it you saw his Instagram page. All to lure people into his mlm. All with the goal of becoming "Rich" and he'll do it at any cost, even if that means having an identity crisis in his 40s. If you're curious as to what i'm referring to, he spent 2 months in Florida with a fellow mlm crook name Kaine Harriot, literally taken on this guys identity, whether it be in the way he dresses, vocabulary, body language. it's a joke. Sad.

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