Review by Igor E. Alberts on DagCoin – Success Factory

The Dagchain is like an elastic hose as when needed, it gets wider and wider. It is expandable to unlimited width. But the Blockchain is like a non-flexible pipe. It can only let through a certain amount of transactions and therefore is not good for everyday global use. About a year ago, there were 500 000 transactions in a queue with Bitcoin. It does not mean that the Blockchain is unnecessary, it just cannot be used on a global scale for everyday transactions. It means we need something that we can really use globally – Dagcoin.

4 indicators of fundamental value

Fundamental value is something that is:
1) trustworthy as it is based on real value (users, merchants, ecosystem)

2) stable and predictive

3) suitable for merchants

4) safe for long-term investors.

The price of Dagcoin will be decided by the market when the community is big enough and cannot be manipulated. This approach builds a very strong foundation.

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