Review by Lily Zaremba on iGenius

Igenius became my family and life 2 and a half years ago. I was 19 years old when I first saw this platform, and I was no where near financially literate. Until i came across igenius, Learned how to properly invest, got taught by phenomenal experts with the financial markets. To help me build the investment portfolio that I have today with cryptocurrency, forex, stocks, Ndau. It has truly changed my entire perspective on how money is created. And it was thanks to this opportunity and the outstanding mentorship in this community, that got me to walk away from my job and degree, to pursue this full time. The weekly trainings that the entire leadership provides are unmatchable, from them I learnt how to build a successful business online with this platform change countless of lives the same way this did for me. Through always plugging into all the services and trainings igenius has to offer, through hard work, ive created the life of my dreams for myself. And If you are reading this. You wont regret ever making that decision to be in this family.

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