Review by Lisa Everson on JRJR Networks (Out Of Business)

Upon reading some comments on another forum, it seems JRJR has left many successful DS individuals without answers. Closing the doors on newly acquired DS companies – some of which had been in business for many decades, has devistated families around the world. I am afraid I am now one of these victims. I have sold Uppercase Living for almost 10 yrs. I just renewed my membership the first of the year, and paid for my website just a week before we lost the ability to enter orders or sell any more product. It has been a month and a half now with no communication about if and when our websites will be back and if the company will be back in business. Our only answers are ‘any day now’…. for the last 3 months. Luckily I do not depend on Uppercase Living for my sole source of income as many of my fellow demonstrators do. My heart breaks for them- knowing that all their clients and teams are just hanging in limbo for ‘any day now’. This company is not about opportunity- or family values. It is obviously about greed and does not care

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