Review by Mike Lobo, Auckland New Zealand. on Caroline Hong

Normally I do not review products or opportunity, restaurants or people. There is always a doubt, in the products or the people. Maybe I am still an idealist, seeking perfection but knowing that reality is still the same coin, just different sides. I have been in business over 30 years across SME s & other sectors, so I recognize a model whereby the cash register keeps ringing while regaining good health as well.

So, I will make an exception for Dr. Caroline Hong whom I have known for many years, I trust her professional and business judgements implicitly.

When Dr. Caroline Hong invited me to look at Vasayo, it was a no brainer, so I tried both products & the business plan. Having used the products, I realize that they are par excellence especially in their Liposomal delivery technique. The business has a good system. the Company is led by a successful "servant leadership model", paving a smooth way forward for anyone who has the appetite to try.

I can attest to personal health improvements. I am fully convinced with the products & business plan. I wish everyone can experience the health benefits and great business opportunity. Carpe Diem

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