Review by Milan on BE

Scamming company. They are cheating people and the people are only loosing money. The apps are not working, traders giving really bad trade ideas, they are faking percentage of their success ideas. Basically everything is really bad. Only people in the top are making money lile Islam brothers, Mompi etc. PEOPLE DO NOT ENTER THIS COMPANY IT IS THE BIGGEST SCAM WITH LICENCE. They are making milions and the people that are in the company for over 1 year we are not making anything. They are pushing us to bring people and that is only so they can make money. Now they are promoting some Matrix where they will "give" people money but that is another scam from them. Traders have early stop loss button so when they press that one, the signals that is losing it is not entering their success rate. SCAM COMPANY. BIGGEST SCAM

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