Review by Nelson Loaiza on Go Global

Go Global = Omegapro scam, in Colombia thousands of users of this supposed business were left without their savings, indebted. While Marcela Briceño and Gerardo Coral (professional scammers) got rich from the dreams of all these people and now they do the same with Go Global. promoted Omegapro until the year 2022, and now they promote Go Global, they are permissive and sponsor of these fraudulent schemes. For those who have not heard, the misnamed Omegapro manager leader for Latin America Juan Carlos Reynoso (master fraudster) was already imprisoned in Mexico this March 2023. Hopefully the long arm of justice falls with all its weight on each of these professional scammers, in each country where they operate, that people realize how these schemes operate and there are no more victims, that portals like this are rigorous in evaluating business schemes that promote and protect scammers users, advertising these supposed businesses makes them complicit in these abusive practices.

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