Review by Praviin Khatate on Crowd1

Crowd1 is a revolutionary marketing concept and currently one of the fastest growing Crowd marketing start up based in Spain.

Crowd1 is actively using the power of network industry in order to quickly build their own crowd and build one of the biggest company
in advertisement and distribution of digital product like apps, games, software, lotteries and so on.

Crowd1 distribute lucrative bonuses as a Customer acquisition costs, in the form of sales commissions.

The company’s vision is to create the world’s largest functioning sales force, disrupting the traditional value chain and distribution of apps, software and services

Crowd1 aim to build a vast library of digital products that will be easily accessible for an entire network of salespeople to use, recommend and sell.

It's a brilliant idea of modern concept of influencer marketing and redefining the direct selling industry as a whole.

Alibaba disrupted the shopping industry without owning a shopping mall. It's an app.

Airbnb disrupted the hotel industry without owning a hotel. It's an app.

Crowd1 will disrupt the digital product distribution Industry and It's an app too

Be the part of biggest movement & no 1 opportunity !

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