Review by Rejoice Boney on World Global Network

World Global Network and what they are bringing to the marketplace is phenomenal. This technology is changing healthcare as we know and the fact that health professionals can now make decision with a vital input of patient’s personal generated health data and fostering patient involvement in their own healthcare is just awesome. Imagine your life saved just because something is going on with your heart that your ECG reading shows abnormal and because of that you go to your doctor just at the right time. How many times have we heard a doctor say if only this patient had come in a little earlier, they could have been saved or you walk into your doctor’s office and you hear them say why you waited so long. I am grateful for World Global Network and their revolutionary product the Helo.
Everyone in my household now using the Helo which we got from . My husband who is a commercial driver is highly impressed about peace of mind the Helo has afforded him, now he can monitor his blood pressure and sleep and can’t wait to start monitoring his blood sugar. One of the challenges of over the road drivers he says is nutrition and health.

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