Review by Rhandie Nuevarez on APL GO

All of the APLGO Drops are amazing and gives me and my family wonderful feelings. But if i will be ask what is my favorite/s drops, it's RLX & STP. For RLX, it helps me feel relax and don't feel like tired. WIth STP, i take it everytime i feel some pain. I do some training by standing from start to finish and after that, there's something i feel in my sole particularly in my heel part. It's like a needle pointing in it. After 15 minutes of taking STP, pain gone. My Wife also have amazing results after taking PWRA because, before we have APLGO, my wife have this dark spots on her body before everytime her menstrual period. When she start taking PWRA until now, you won't see anymore these dark spots and not anymore experiencing abdominal pain.

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