Review by Richard Shafer on Tavala

I previously enjoyed a $250K annual income in IT. The 2008 financial crisis left me out of work. In 2009 Kathy and I nearly avoided foreclosure. In 2015 we went into foreclosure and struggled to get out through 20 months of hell. Finally in October we finally got a mortgage modification. In January of 2017 we made our 3rd payment to make it permanent and in the same month joined Tavala.

With Tavala in 8 months I was able to earn money immediately and pay off a $23,000 credit card debit I accumulated during the foreclosure and became debt free. Kathy and I also earned the company cruise which we enjoyed last November and have already earned this years cruise 6 weeks later.

By doing the simple things we learned has blessed us with a thriving team over 2600 that I love supporting and helping enjoy the lifestyle I now enjoy again.

Financial problems destroy many families. Through our pain we suffered and survived I am on a mission to help others become debt-free and have memorable time with their family. You can survive and have this too with Tavala. Kathy and I can help you too.

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