Review by Sabine Kops on ShopWithMe

My name is Sabine Kops and I have been an independent entrepreneur for over 30 years. I was previously a radiofrequency therapist in the traditional offline profession and Covic made the decision to close my studio easy. It was clear to me from that point that my life time is limited and I wanted to make a lot of money again from anywhere in the world in the fastest growing market.
Why did I choose social commerce: because it is modern , because I can work from home, because customers are built automatically by AI, because we have patented brands products that are so cheap that we have passive income. After a short time, I have already fulfilled a dream through Shopwithme, I live in the sun.
I am proud to be a part of the great company Shopwithme and my team that will create many income millionaires in the future and offer many people a crisis-proof life.
Thank you Christian Wiesner for this opportunity, you are there for everyone who is committed to the company and has big goals like me.

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