Review by SL on Skylar Lambert

Skylar is the epitome of the sleazy used car salesman, just in MLM form. Besides having no loyalty to her actual friends or any brand she's affiliated with (who knows what it is now because she jumps ship so often), she's screwed over dozens of people that have been in her downline, created legal woes for anyone that followed her to Arieyl, and has continuously lied about her income to boost her recruitment. Just recently she was forced to move back to Indiana because of the amassing debt from lackluster sales.

On top of this, she's also morally bankrupt. Multiple affairs with other men (including with her friend's husband), lying constantly to her followers and to law enforcement, and has a history of drunken driving and theft… public records do not lie. Yet all this and she claims to be "a follower of Jesus and the One true God".

If you see her name, RUN!

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