Review by Tahnia Pike on Sadiq Wazeer

Myself and my niece, Reon connected with Sadiq Waseer via zoom only a week ago and we have been communicating daily ever since.

Waseer, although extremely humble and modest, has the ability to validate the durable truths as they apply to family, business, and society in general, he believes that every one of us can open the door to change within ourselves to have complete success and abundance.
He shows us how…..

He is the living example of supreme leadership, commitment, dedication, tireless nights, abundance, success, joy, kindness and constant generosity. It shows every time we speak or see him as he expresses his amazing appreciation for his family, friends and life, while helping set up our home based business and guiding us most precisely to reach maximum benefit for us and all those we wish to help.

Interdependence is a much higher value than independence.

Sadiq believes "True greatness will be achieved through the abundant mind that works selflessly ——with mutual respect———– for mutual benefit."

Thank you for your connection.
A true leader

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