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Jenna Zwagli, Chief Marketing, Founder of Hempworx | Chief Marketing Officer, MyDailyChoice, Followed by 13,692 people stated on 6 January 2018:

MDC/ Hempworx did…
$9M in 2017 ?
$100M in 2018 ?
Let’s predict ? what we do in 2019 in the comments and whoever comes closest in a year from today will get ?10,000 from me. (Multiple winners split the pot)

So many Network Marketing/Direct Sales companies are loaded with employees that add a lot of expenses: Staffing, Buildings, Offices, W2’s, Managers, Secretaries, Benefits, Training Equipment, and more. Although we do have some employees, we have cut out 90% of the traditional overhead expenses and pay our affiliates generiously instead. We have a scalable solution that will allow us to always add new products, create exciting incentives, and become on of the most efficient companies in the Network Marketing Industry.

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