Review by Tristeon Moore on Tracy Fisher

I recently joined Tracy's team in NVisionU. I have received more MLM training and leadership from him than I have in the past four MLM companies I was apart of combined. I truly appreciate his availability and authenticity. He has a superpower of connecting with people from all walks of life. He is an active listener and cares about helping you achieve your goals. I am launching a new territory that has no distributors from the ground up and his guidance has been monumental with generating immediate momentum in my demographic. I was marketing on social media the way that I've always done, and was not getting responses the first two days. I reached out to him to share my frustrations, and he gave me a new approach. I reached out to fifty prospects with his new approach and that same day thirty eight responded and I have been knee deep in phone calls and zoom appointments since then. Very impactful teaching.

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