Review by Zivka Torbica on OneCoin – OneLife

Dear Tim Tayshun,
All accusations against Onecoin deeply answered with objective arguments can be found here:

Current topics are:
– Why we made this forum? What can people learn here?
– GERMANY Case Analyzed
– OneCoin Market Cap misconception explained
– ITALY Case Analyzed
– INDIA Arrests Case Analyzed
– Debunk of
– Is OneCoin a ponzi scheme
– Is OneCoin a pyramid scheme
– FACTS about OneCoin by EagleOne user ( EagleOne is actually Tim Tayshun – not real name again)
– A few questions
– Onecoin new blockchain launch in Bangkok was just a show ?
– Controversies of Bjorn Bjercke the loudest Tech hater
– Block #22431 (129B OC Output) Case
– How credible BITCOIN’s value is
– Is OneCoin a CryptoCurrency
– Bangladesh arrests case debunked
– KAZAKHSTAN Onelife case
– VIETNAM license case

Much more topics are to come. We choose reality, not a fantasy.

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