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John Smith – Monavie

Over a fifteen year career in the most exciting industry ever I have been privileged to have met and worked with many wonderful people and made many long term friendships. Now ready for a new chapter in my life I am proud to be a part of the launch of Mona – Vie in the U.K. With just days to go I invite you to join me in what will the most exciting programme to come to these shores in many years.

With products that are right on trend and bring genuine benefit to the market in just four years Mona – Vie have broken almost every industry record and attracted many of the industry greats to their ranks. It is no accident that currently four of the top six highest income earners are Mona – Vie Distributors and now is the time for you to take advantage of this opportunity to be in at the beginning.

To move quickly call John Smith on 01452 621219 and let’s discuss your options. 

Doug Sleeth – MyChoice

MyChoice is a Franchised Business using network marketing to build its infrastructure!

MyChoice is dedicated to partnering with its Agents to create shared revenue streams, by harnessing the power of media, advertising and commerce.  The MyChoice business model utilizes the most advanced technology to support local businesses, providing businesses a loyalty program that creates new customers and increased revenue.  Through its innovative marketing approach, MyChoice has set a new standard for brick-and-mortar, Internet and media-based commerce for the 21st century.

As a business developer, I see the strength behind the ideas and systems MyChoice is developing.  I founded and currently operate one regional chain, a national group of affiliate stores using my graphic design and printing services business and I own a franchise of another business. Now, through BizPro Consultants, I am a MyChoice Agent and Franchisee.  So, why would I consider investing with MyChoice?  I did, because I can envision where MyChoice is heading.

When have you seen a franchised business use MLM to build its infrastructure?  When have you seen a MLM get approval to have a credit card of their own, much like Visa and MasterCard?  When have you seen a MLM work to gain approval for their own bank and offer banking services?  Below are the current opportunities available:

MyChoice Agents earn commissions and on-going residual income from every opportunity MyChoice develops.

MyChoice Retailers: “Retailers do not pay any advertising fee until AFTER MyChoice brings them the buying customer.”  TV, Radio and Print advertising can’t touch this…100% effective marketing!  Retailers also get their own website with shopping cart in the world’s largest online shopping mall and free 30 second commercials on the MyChoiceTV IPTV network (see below).

MyChoice Consumers get 10+% off any purchase from any MyChoice retailer, in the world’s largest online shopping mall, on the MyChoiceTV shopping channel and in exclusive local stores.

MyChoice Fundraising is an excellent way for organizations to raise needed funds.  Unlike most fundraisers, ONE fundraising event will continually provide on-going commissions and residual income every month, year after year.

MyChoice is the FIRST business to nationally distribute and sell IPTV services to the general public.  IPTV is TV through your Internet service.  All channels now available will be available on MyChoiceTV.  Customers pay for the channels they want to create their own line-up, NO Contracts and they can change their line-up anytime they want.  This is Powerful!

MyChoice Franchise offers individuals a 500,000 population market that they live in to become a franchisee.  

BizPro Consultants is offering additional support to those joining us as an Agent by adapting a lead-generation program with Jonathan Budd (a top 100 MLM earner) called the MLM Mastermind System.  If you can envision the power MyChoice has in its business plan and the opportunity it will bring to its Agents…then you deserve to research this opportunity.  Nobody said you can only have one MLM business!  You’ll be surprised how little it takes to get started!

To learn more visit:

Daniela Claudia Szasz – PM International

Very contradictory– at least if you don’t look beneath the surface and still all this is an essential part of my personality.
To be able to see the essentials, being able to bring the tough business world in line with the world of spirituality, being able to create a connection between career, turnover, reaching for the stars, further personal development, fun, individualism and inconsistency.
Achieving things that are said to be impossible.
Changing the principle of “either – or” into “as well as”, that leaves room for being different and even empowers that. That’s what really counts for me.
If you like to know more, have a look at my private website:



Gene & Stacey Houston – DUBLI

Over the last 10 years I have really gone after that golden egg called Residual Income. I currently own 2 construction companies in OC Calif and building a large Capital Asset Firm ready to launch 3rd Quarter 2009. I was first exposed to MLM with a great company which I still belong but am not actively building for various reasons. Although the product was awesome and I continue to use it, I could not stand up and say it was the best way to make money after I learned about Dubli.
Dubli is an On-line World Wide shopping site with a reverse auction and a huge mall with over 800 top brand stores and brand new products that is truly amazing. I made over $ 25,000 in my first 2 months in this company and that got my attention quick. For me, since there is no monthly expenses by the associates, I loved the idea that I did not have to act like a weekly cheerleader for my team and my income came from the true market value of the service from the consumers growing virally.  What if that on line mall had monster companies such as Apple, Best Buy, and Southwest Airlines in it?  I don’t have to argue my product is better than yours, these are top brand products that everyone knows and trusts! 
This was something I could approach people with, and it opened up a whole new list of people. People that said no before now said yes, and the money rolls in.  The icing on the cake is the partner program where we sign up major associations and tap into their networks for big home runs! Check out the following link for a brief video of how Dubli works and I will contact you as soon as I can.


Nelleke Bontje – iLearningGlobal 

Working with Brian Tracy.  Who wouldn’t want to do that!? That’s what I thought when I came across iLearningGlobal (iLG).

iLG is the biggest online learning centre for everybody who wants to continuously learn and grow whether it is in their Personal Life, Financial, Health, Success, Leadership or Relationships. Basically it is the Personal Development we need to accelerate business and to have success in all the areas of our life’s.  And it’s all displayed on the best HDvideo quality. Short films that perfectly fit in your busy life style and teaches you all you need to know.

Besides growing in your personal life there is this opportunity to accelerate in your business as well, any kind of business. In these times, to survive and grow, you need a different mindset, a different way of looking at finances and a different way of using peoples strengths.

Over the years I realised that personal and business development is one of my biggest interests, combined with THE most brilliant way of doing business: MLM. I knew this was my calling. This is the way to make a better world.

Having Brain Tracy as personal coach and mentor gives me the confidence to do very well in this business and grow to be a great leader so I can help thousands of other people to achieve the success we all deserve.


Rosa Mundi – Gem Lifestyle

My Most Valuable Business Program is Gem Lifestyle, a ground floor opportunity, just launching in 2009. A group of highly successful entrepreneurs are getting together to working on an ambitious plan and will be one of the biggest income options for everyone who want to have success.
Their objectivity is to identify and put together the strongest leadership ever assembled, to invite as Gem Lifestyle Founders. Associates that join GEM Lifestyle have the chance to benefit from the Unique revenue sharing pay plan and sharing funds. Everyone can join as an Associate or become a Gem Player -play the most beautiful 3D games at the Internet. An associate receives a personalized GEM Lifestyle website of their own and a virtual back office where YOU can control your promotions, income and your PERSONAL gemmers and associates.
GEM Lifestyle is a vehicle that will allow Ordinary People to reach their ultimate goals and missions, and I’m glad to ride at this bike with a big money tool-bag at the back. Visit for more information or your succes:

Edward Najjar – Ameriplan affiliate

MyHomeBusinessPays is a powerful business opportunity with the Industry Leader that anyone can do. We offer a recession proof – or, better yet, a recession bolstered – job opportunity. Given today’s economic climate, millions of Americans cannot afford traditional insurance or they cannot qualify. So, they are going without any type of medical coverage, especially in these financially difficult times.

However, there is an affordable option from a company that is at the forefront of CONSUMER DRIVEN HEALTH CARE. This multi-million dollar company has been providing discount supplemental health care programs, including medical, dental, vision, and chiropractic care, as well as prescription drugs since 1992. You can get all these programs for a low start-up and monthly fee! No paperwork to complete!  No restrictions on age or how many visits you can make! All ongoing dental/medical problems (conditions) are accepted, except dental and orthodontic treatment already in progress. No surprises! Your monthly fee is guaranteed for 2 years! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! JOIN OUR TEAM AND EARN MONEY WHILE HELPING OTHERS – FULL OR PART TIME. Remember: We share the availability of affordable quality supplemental health care with the millions of Americans who are uninsured or under-insured, because we care. Family plans range from just $19.95 per month to $59.95 per month. These plans cover everyone living in the same household, regardless of relationship. For more information or for enrollment, please visit my website at: or call at 240-7932014 ( Se hable espanol)

Ted Nuyten – Vemma

I am branding Vemma & Verve, the Mangosteen Super Juice, with Minerals, Green Tea and Aloe Vera.  I am born in July 1958, live in the Netherlands, having a proven track record, as business owner, in the corporate world working for IBM, Siemens, and DELL, as in Hybrid Marketing. YOUR objective in this industry should be to identify and to team with the strongest leadership and the best products if YOU want to be successful fast.


Our Team is rock solid. From Broke to Millionaire, from Unemployed to Managing Director, from Home Mum to Medical Doctor, people of various origin are in our Team. This solid ground-floor opportunity and strong leadership is calling, will YOU answer?