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Do not kill the messenger…

We at Business For Home get almost daily the question “Is company XYZ legit or a Ponzi – Pyramid scheme?”

Hard to answer as it takes in-depth knowledge of a compensation plan, the owners, product/service and the country a company is registered, and there are over 10,000 Direct Selling companies worldwide….

What is not compliant in the USA, can be no problem in other countries, whats legit in the USA can be not legit in other countries (such as vitamins ingredients, novel foods).

We report about the top earners and companies in the billion dollar MLM crypto currency, mining and trading industry without judging.

Bill Ackman has to opinion Herbalife is a Pyramid, and he failed to prove it. The Federal Trade Commission in the USA had the opinion Vemma is a pyramid, and the FTC settled the case.

Our opinion is not important, YOU have to do your own research.  Our team publish facts, figures and network marketing news. We are NOT an opinion website.

The USA is not longer the Direct Selling Center of the universe, Asia is.

Intentionally or unintentionally the border can be crossed and even compensation plan experts can be sometimes wrong. We at Business For Home are hardcore Direct Selling Industry activits, not Ponzi – Pyramid experts, we report facts and figures without an opinion.

If we report about a company or publish an article or interview  Top earner XYZ, who makes $50,000+ per month, it is NOT an endorsement, we just validate those numbers.

In the past we have reported about the top earners in Zeek Rewards, Banner BrokersTelexFree, as OneCoin, proven Ponzi systems or scams. 

If we could interview Bernie Madoff we would do so 🙂 however it does not mean YOU have to sign up….

Direct Selling is the marketing and selling of products directly to consumers away from a fixed retail location, and a $250+ Billion worldwide market with more than 150 million people involved, and we love that. 🙂

Do not kill the messenger…

Originally posted 8 November 2015.