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Please read our FAQ first before you submit a support ticket.

If you need support, want to send a press release, or have remarkable facts and figures to share, please log a support ticket.

Our support desk, handled by Thibauld  does not answer questions which are covered below.

Business For Home FAQ – by Ted Nuyten

Advertisement and Leads FAQ

Do you provide leads?

On a daily basis people / prospects ask Business For Home which Distributors or Companies we recommend, or they want to sign up for company XYZ.

Therefore we have created a platform for active distributors to be featured on, the recommended distributors, please sign up here.

I want to advertise / hire a banner etc.

Sorry, but we do not allow advertising troughs banners etc., we might be able to cover your story in an interview, please see this article.

We are an advertising agency and we offer great advertising rates.

Sorry, we are not interested in your offer.

I want to send you a proposal for an affiliate deal or Joint Venture.

Sorry, we are not interested. We focus on what we do, bringing the Direct Selling Industry news and facts.

Do you sell or rent your database?

No, never did, never will do, it would destroy our reputation.

Subscription FAQ

I want to cancel my subscription.

Sorry, to see you go: please log in to your Paypal account and cancel your subscription, you will be immediately removed from the website.

I want a refund

Due to the nature of a digital subscription we do not refund subscriptions.

I want to cancel my email subscription for the Business For Home Newsletter

Every newsletter we send out has an unscribe link, please scroll down in such a newsletter, you find it at the bottom.


Voting and Poll FAQ

My company is not in your poll can you add them?

Sure, please use this form to add your company

I can not vote.

You can vote 1 time per poll, you might have voted already. The real time voting result comes up when our voting software notice you have voted, we log your IP address.

I have heard it is possible to “buy” votes, what do you do to keep voting honest?

Please read this article, we will notice and block / subtract those votes.


Earnings and Ranks FAQ

I earn more then $5,000 per month in Direct Selling, could you add me to the ranks?

Sure, please fill in the confidential form

My company is not covered on Business For Home, please write about them.

There are est. 10,000 Direct Selling companies worldwide, we can not cover them all, we concentrate on the larger ones and the fast growing companies. If your company brings out press releases please send them for our consideration to the support desk.

I found out dated Top Earners information.

With thousands of top earners listed that is very well possible. Consider our ranks as an indication what YOU possibly can earn if you focus on Network Marketing. Our ranks are not the ultimate truth, the dynamics in the industry are very big. Impossible to be 100% accurate, we work our a… off to be as accurate as possible 🙂

The top earners in my company are not listed, why not?

We can not actively cover them all, please ask them to fill in the confidential form.


General FAQ

I am looking for information about a company / opportunity, can you send me info?

Please use the search box  in the right upper side bar.

Company XYZ you published about is in my opinion a PONZI, Pyramid or SCAM

We report news, facts and figures, we are not in the “validating business”. With 10,000+ direct Selling companies that would be very difficult. Please read this article:

Legit Direct Selling Companies, Ponzi’s, Pyramids And Our Opinion

Do you edit Facebook Comments?

No, with hundrerds facebook comments coming per day that would be a tough job, however we reserve the right to ban fake profiles and very impolite comments.

Can you block people who spam their links in the facebook comments?

On request that can be done, please log a support ticket with a link to the article.

Do you build your self a Direct Selling opportunity?

We were involved in the past, however we quit Network Marketing many years ago, to concentrate on this website.

Sometimes your english is terrible or rather basic

What english do you expect from a native Dutchman living near Amsterdam? The majority of our readers are from outside the USA, that is an other reason to keep articles as basic as possible 🙂