Review by Alex Horta on Amway

I’ve been doing MMN for 20 years. after many disappointments I asked the following question: What made Amway the largest direct sales company in the world? I investigated the company, the compensation plan and the products. I came to the following conclusion: As for the company there is nothing to talk about, after all it is the sheer essence of the MMN. As for the compensation plan I note that it is a very fair and well-paid plan, besides the advantage of being a linear rather than a binary plan. I realized that the success of Amway is due to the quality of its products and mainly the many facilities that the company offers. Facilities such as: Cumulative activation in the month, there is no minimum order, total satisfaction guarantee, credit for purchases of products, and some products that offer real savings. Another very important factor to emphasize is the training system. The member has access to an MLM university in his or her virtual office. It’s a fantastic company!

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