Review by Alivia Bell on LimeLife by Alcone

I have been a part of 5 different direct sales businesses before I joined Limelife by Alcone. I kept business hopping because if one wasn't getting me more than $100 a month, I was easily persuaded by the women selling me my dream job of working from wherever you want, making an unlimited income, and making all these friends on dream vacations all for free. I didn't realize that all this of took actual work and dedication. When I joined Limelife I had that determination that I've always had but the difference is I completely fell in love with the products and I completed my fast start and have been the top of sales in Ireland last month which is the month I joined as well. The company is very nice and even sent me a bouquet and 2 cards! The sisterhood has been amazing which I didn't get from other companies. I can't wait to see my future as a makeup artist with Limelife.

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