Review by Arlene B. Evangelista on QuiAri

I am less than 3 weeks into the business, and for the first time in my entire 7 years of searching for the MLM that could catapult me to greatness i foumd the last MLM i will ever join! Whoop!whoop! I earned my very first commission in ,…….drumroll please: 5 seconds!!!! Unbelievable! Before the biggest check i recieved in my old mlm had to be repurchased back in just so i could rank up, now no more!!! Amazing complan, amazing CEO, amazing leadership that listens to the people! A payplan that keeps getting better and better, a pay plan that rewards the little guy quickly so he gets excited and therefore boosts his momentum. How great is that? And, did I mention I got friend requests from leaders from other countries when i was just zero, several days ago?what was really touching was; i was asking them why they reached out to me when they couldnt make money off of my output as i am not their downline. You know what they said? we rise and get blessed when we help each other! Wow! Just wow!!! Big Shoutout to Ricky Daniels of Team Malaysia/Bangladesh and to Leader Minh!

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