Review by Ashley Ivery Marietta, GA on Rory Ricord

Working with Rory and Tanya has been a huge blessing in my life! I am so glad I came into this wonderful family 3 years ago. The training and professional marketing is absolutely Amazing! I love how everyone is able to WIN no matter who you are or where you come from, I have learned so much from the great leadership and how much support is provided to help you in so many ways. I have found my forever home. Truly loving, caring, amazing people. The products are really great and I am so glad to have had them introduced to me by Rory and Tanya. They have been life changing. I no longer have to wake up feeling foggy or tired the whole day. I have so much energy than ever before. I can now sleep through the night and get well needed rest. Raising 4 children from Ages 15 to 7months old can be a challenge, but with these products I can manage my days better, I am more alert, and increased energy. Thank you Rory and Tanya!! ~Truly Blessed

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