Review by Audrey Leake on Amplifei

I have been involved in the MLM arena for decades and THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I am earning money… AND earning consistently… $800-$1k every month for the past 6 months. The products are unique and ALL ABOUT cellular health. I'm thrilled with the change I made last year. I'm with a thoughtful company creating products for EVERYBODY. Sharing these products are simple because everyone is suffering with gut issues.
The more I learn about our gut the more I talk with others. Amplifei makes the doctors available to everyone. The information is so necessary, I wish I learned this years ago. There are live FaceBook sessions for anyone who wants to learn. There is no arm twisting – those who want to learn show up those who don't just don't. We stand together to help heal America. Thank You Robert, I'm excited to grow with you in this year ahead.

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