Review by Ava Andrews-Quijano on Lady Godiva Beauty

Lady Godiva beauty is a fradulent company and the founder/CEO Camille Milke is a fraud. Upon joining the company I ordered make up and it took the re months to get to me .I have one customer place the order and she never got her order .It has been months going on halfway here and from what I’m aware of she has yet to receive her order. I made several enquiries to the CEO to my upline to find out where my make up order was and all I kept being told was that it’s in production it’s on back order .At the time I place my order I was never told that I would have to wait for a back order I was left with the impression that might order was on stock for immediate shipment .It was not until I went to the Better Business Bureau that my product was mailed out I was then promptly blocked from all the groups and asked by the CEO via email to step down. The CEO gave out my personal information; shared with people I have never met and had them harassing me about my complaint

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