Review by Bill Wynne on IPRO Network

I have worked in marketing for over 11 years now in both traditional and affiliate companies. I have worked on both the corporate side as well as in the field. I have seen the good, bad and the ugly. I have come to the point in which I will be selective about the companies and people I work with. Time is just too short to be with bad eggs. I can say first that the leadership in iProNetwork is of a caliber that outshines the majority of companies. Instead of trying to figure out how to take money from the field like a lot of companies will do, iProNetwork has increased commissions and made it easier to earn at least three times. With a huge emphasis on compliance and a globally recognized legal firm to represent them they are poised for long term success, which is refreshing considering how many new companies are gone in less than a year. I have pitched my tent with iProNetwork as a company with vision and doing things that no other company has done in spaces that are highly relevant for the world we live in today. The products are awesome!!!

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