Review by Bj Jones – Conyers on Whitney Wheeler

I stumbled upon Whitney Wheeler about 6 months ago..She was on my internet feed and, yes, she was spraying sprays beneath her tongue. I said who is this woman and what gimmick is she promoting, lol. Fast forward, two months ago, she is giving a testimony about NOT BEING ONE TO USE PRODUCTS, YET these were mailed to her by one of the companies distributor, Tameka. Whitney shared her personal use of the products and how they had assisted her in weight loss stall. From that point on I was onboard with this, personable, God fearing and believable young lady. She was an open book, heaviest weight over 500 pounds, doctors refusing to treat her because of medical instruments unsuitable for extremely obese persons, and, yes, Whitney reveals the dark sides, the lows, such as her mother and her grandmother victims of OBESITY EARLY DEATHS. She's an exemplary individual and, yes, I am encouraged, motivated and am using the "Fat Blaster Kit( the sprays) because of this woman that I saw spraying in her driveway as I scrolled through my Internet feed. May God continue to bless Whitney and all that she meets. Thanks Whitney.

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