Review by Bonnie Lynn on World Global Network

I have been in dozens of other MLM opportunities and this is the one that I have found that I can call Home. Wor(l)d Global’s CEO’s and Designers are EXPERTS in the Products and honestly right at this moment are superior to any other products out there. These individuals also have huge hearts and they have proven to me they want everyone to win.
Our leaders/mentors are exceptional, whom reach down into our organziation to help us. The training is first class and the personal growth I have experienced has been extremely rewarding for me and my family.
The Products are superior compared to other products out there right now AND the ability to add Apps to work with the HELO opens even more doors as to what our wrist band can do. I love that flexibility.
The compensation plan can’t be beat, the fact that now we can Retail (just customers), Member (to make an income), APP (for programmers to make more income AND your sponsor as well), plus allthe EXTRAS we receive by just helping 6 people. It’s incredible!
The best thing about this is that it doesn’t matter if you have a degree or not, how old or young, how fat or skinny, everyone has a chance to have complete financial security.
I FEEL and my Team mates Feel BLESSED and HONORED to be part of such a revolutionary Company. I am a Wor(l)d Changer, helping one family at a time!

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