Review by Cindy on Crowd1

The Most amazing company currently in the MLM world .. What a PHENOMENAL ONLINE BUSINESS !!!
Super proud to be part of this AMAZING COMPANY
We look forward to the 10th of November where Crowd1 will be changing everything!
The countdown for the launch of Miggster has started, a worldwide revolution in mobile gaming, esports and entertainment!
So much more products coming and if your not a part of it you will be crying..
Our CEO and founder have gone above and beyond to make the impossible possible

*Crowd1 at a Glance*
Crowd1 is a unique platform using the power of crowd marketing to negotiate advertising on its sister platform. Crowd1 pay its members from the profit they make from 3rd party companies that advertise on its platform. This is the paradigm shift in crowd marketing.

Though Crowd1 is using network marketing to empower its members, it's very different in the following ways:

*Digital products with ready made customers base*

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